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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds


ALEX® for State Employers

ALEX Character

What is ALEX?

ALEX is like providing employees with their own personal benefits counselor. This online tool will help your employees select the best benefit plan for them and their family. ALEX will ask an employee a few questions about their health care needs, crunch some numbers and point out what makes the most sense for them.

Any information entered into ALEX is anonymous, so employees can consult the tool with confidence.

Who is ALEX for?

ALEX is for active employees and pre-Medicare retirees from state agencies, the UW System and UW Hospital and Clinics.

90-Second Benefits Sneak Peek Video

Video thumbnail

Email your employees a link to the Benefits Sneak Peek video. This video offers a quick recap of changes to benefits for the upcoming plan year.

Please send this video out the week of September 24. ETF has provided an email you can simply forward. You can also post this link to your intranet site or other employee communication.

Learn More About ALEX

ALEX Communications Toolkit

Handy downloads to make communicating about ALEX to your employees easier than ever! Choose from ready-to-go email messages, articles, print materials and “bundled” communications plans targeting specific employee groups. You can customize the content of these messages to meet your employees' needs.

2019 Plan Year Communications

ALEX for the 2019 plan year will not be available until the week of September 24. Please do not distribute communications materials, besides the Sneak Peek video, until ALEX is available to employees.

Open Enrollment

New Employee

Download the Bundle

Hard-to-Reach Employees

This communications bundle is targeted at employees who spend very little time at their desk or don't have a desk at all. This bundle emphasizes that employees can use ALEX on-the-go for making benefits decisions. We recommend combining these tools with tools found under the open enrollment and new hire categories.

Download the Bundle

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Jellyvision, the creator of ALEX, is working on making the tool as accessible as possible to users. ALEX provides audio captioning and keyboard only navigation, as well as other enhancements. You can find details here. While meeting all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA may not be possible due to ALEX’s dynamic and interactive nature, Jellyvision is currently working to achieve maximum accessibility.