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Employer Bulletin

All Employers
Vol. 16, No. 1
January 7, 1999

Submit Your Statement of Benefits Distribution Option Decision by February 10, 1999

The January 1, 1999 annual Statement of Benefits (SOB) forms distribution to employers will begin in April and be completed in May. Employers are then responsible for distributing individual statements to the named employes.

Employers may choose from four special distribution options to assist in distributing Statement of Benefits (SOB) forms to employes. The options are explained in detail below. If you do not select one of these options, you will receive your employes' statements in straight alphabetical order by employe last name.


OPTION A: Distribution Codes

Under this option, you receive your statements in alphabetical order by employe last name within a distribution code order specified by you. As an example, you could provide us with distribution codes which would group your employes' statements by departments, individual buildings in which employes work, or by different cities in which employes work.

OPTION B: Employe Home Addresses

Under this option, you receive your statements by your employes' home addresses in zip code order. This would enable you to simply attach postage and mail the statements directly to employes, rather than distributing statements at the work sites.

OPTION C: Sort by Distribution Codes and Also Print Home Addresses

Under this option you receive your statements in alphabetical order within distribution code order, with the addresses of your employes printed on the statements. This allows you to distinguish between different buildings/work sites, but still have the option to mail some statements to employes who might not be present at the time you distribute statements.

OPTION D: Sort in Alphabetical Order

Under this option, you receive your statements in alphabetical order. Distribution codes and/or addresses of employes can be printed on the statements, if you provide us with that information.

If you wish to use Option A, B, C or D you must submit the enclosed Distribution Code/Address Option Selection form to Employe Trust Funds (ETF) by February 10, 1999. The selection form is attached to this Employer Bulletin and may be torn off and mailed to ETF. When completing this form, be sure to check the appropriate box indicating whether you will be submitting these codes and/or addresses on tape, diskette or paper. ETF encourages electronic reporting, as it is more accurate and efficient than paper listings.

Included with this Bulletin is form ET-9060 (10/95), Distribution Code/Address Specifications for Statement of Benefits. This form contains the reporting format (one file) for use when reporting both codes and addresses. This format must be used to report codes and addresses for Statement of Benefits. ETF can not process codes and addresses under the old file format.


  • Even if you have submitted codes and/or addresses in past years, you must complete the Distribution Code/Address Option Selection form and resubmit these codes/addresses annually.

  • If we do not receive an option selection from you by February 10, 1999, all statements will come to you in straight alphabetical order by employe last name.

February 10, 1999   Tell us which special distribution option you want by submitting the Distribution Code/Address Option Selection form.
April 1, 1999   Final deadline for submitting all code and/or address data for the special distribution option selection you made.

Please address all correspondence on Statement of Benefits codes and addresses to Dale E. Ferron, Department of Employe Trust Funds, P. O. Box 7931, Madison, WI 53707-7931, or call him at (608) 266-0728.


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