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Employer Bulletin

All Employers
Vol. 16, No. 9
June 1, 1999

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Administration Manual Revised

Included with this Bulletin is a revised copy of the WRS Administration Manual, ET-1127. Some chapters have been renumbered and new chapters have been added. The following chapters have been updated with new information that may affect how you report to the Department of Employe Trust Funds.

Chapter Number and Name:

Contains New Information On:

0   Preface Internet Address (Subch. 004)
1   Public Employers Included Employer Name Change (Subch. 103)
3   Participating Employes 1) Employe or Independent Contractor (Subch. 301)

2) Maintaining Records Longer Than Seven Years (Subch. 311)

4   Earnings and Creditable Service Reportable and Non-Reportable Earnings Guide (Subch. 407)
10  Prior Year (Late Reported Earnings) Adjustments More Examples of Prior Year Adjustments (Subch. 1004)
11 Additional Contributions Maximum Voluntary Additional Contributions Worksheets, ET-2566 & ET-2567 (Subch. 1103 and 1104)
13 Settlement Agreements (Reinstatement Awards, Court Orders, Grievances, etc.) Settlement Agreement Guidelines (Subch. 1307)

Newly Added Chapter Number and Name:

14 Termination Rule and Reporting
21 Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
22 Uniformed Services Subject To Retirement Credit
23 WRS Transaction Code Description and Chapter Reference Chart

To view the complete WRS Administration Manual, ET-1127 on line, visit our Internet Site.

To order extra paper copies of the complete manual, mail this convenient order form to ETF or e-mail ETF through the Department's Internet Site listed above.

We hope that you will consult the WRS Administration Manual as a first-step resource when you encounter WRS-related questions or concerns. Chapter 0 (zero) of the manual contains a contact sheet for your use in locating individuals by area of specialization at ETF.

If you have any questions or issues relating to eligibility and enrollment for all ETF benefit programs, please call the Employer Communications Center at (608) 264-7900.

If you have comments on this edition or suggestions for the next edition of the manual, please contact Mary Hensen at (608) 266-8411.

ETF does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the provision of programs, services, or employment. If you need this printed material interpreted, published in a different form, or if you need assistance in using our services, please contact us at (608) 266-0728 or TTY: (608) 267-0676.


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