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Employer Bulletin

All Employers
Vol. 17, No. 2
January 14, 2000

Good News!
ETF's Extranet Website Offers Employers "Live" WRS Data

The Department of Employe Trust Funds (ETF) is pleased to announce the availability of the Employer Extranet website. The Extranet allows you to view WRS participant data on-line instead of telephoning or faxing requests for information.

Purpose of the Site

The Extranet site provides immediate access to WRS participant data, which will allow you to perform the following functions:

  1. Determine insurance program eligibility dates for your new employes based on previous WRS service and/or separation benefit dates.

  2. Determine the WRS eligibility status for your rehired annuitants based on WRS termination and annuity application dates.

  3. Calculate supplemental sick leave credits for your retiring employes based on WRS participant employment category. (state agencies only)

Data Available for Viewing

The Employer Extranet site allows you to view the following data for any WRS participant (State or Local Government):

  • Enrollment Dates
  • Termination Dates
  • Employment Categories
  • Previous Service Amounts Under the WRS
  • Lump Sum (Separation or Retirement Benefit Information) Dates
  • Retirement Annuity Application Received (at ETF) Dates
  • Annuity Effective Dates

System Requirements

To ensure proper security, you must use a browser that supports the capabilities of Netscape Navigator, version 4.0 or higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher.

Requesting Access

If you would like your benefit/payroll employes to have access to the Employer Extranet site, they must complete the attached Employer Extranet Application Security Agreement (ET-8928). Our WRS participant data is confidential and can be released only for program administration purposes. The WRS Agent must complete and sign the Security Agreement and return it to ETF. ETF will review your Security Agreement for completeness and forward it to the Department of Administration (DOA) Security Officer. The review process takes three to four weeks to complete.


If your employes currently have access to the Employer Extranet site, please complete Security Agreements for those staff members and return them to ETF by March 1, 2000. All new employes for whom access is needed will follow the above process.

Once your request is approved, the DOA Security Officer will mail the Logon identification numbers, passwords, and identifier codes to employes home addresses. ETF will send the WRS Agent a copy of the WRS Internet Previous Service and Benefit Inquiry User Manual (ET-1733) when the Security Agreement is approved. The User Manual can be found on this Web site under Employer Manuals.

You can print additional copies of the Employer Extranet Application Security Agreement (ET-8928) from this Web site under Employer Forms.


For more information on the Employer Extranet site or if you have questions regarding the instructions for obtaining access to the site, please call Deborah Speckmann at the Department of Employe Trust Funds, (608) 267-2132.


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