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Employer Bulletin

All Employers
Vol. 17, No. 14
August 1, 2000

Updated Life Insurance Application and WRS Previous Service Checks

Life Insurance Application Modified - WRS Previous Service Information Now Required

The Life Insurance Application/Cancellation/Refusal (ET-2304) (REV 06/2000) form has been changed to include a new area for previous service checks. Performing a WRS previous service check is extremely important because it provides you with the information you need to timely enroll an employe in the Wisconsin Public Employers Group Life Insurance Program.

Three boxes appear in the lower right corner of the application under the heading "Previous Service - Complete Information." The first box identifies if the employe participated under WRS prior to being hired. The second box asks if a previous service check has been completed and the source used. The third box asks for the "Date WRS Participation Began With This Employer."

When you hire a new employe and determine the employe is eligible to participate in the WRS, the employe is also eligible to participate in the life insurance program. ETF provides several methods to help you determine when an employe becomes eligible and must be offered coverage in the Life Insurance Program:

  1. Access to the Previous Service Benefit Inquiry screen on ETF's Extranet site ( (see next article for further information about this option).
  2. Complete a WRS Previous Service Check (ET-1715) form and fax it to ETF at (608) 266-5801.
  3. Call the Employer Communication Center at (608) 264-7900 and request a previous service check.

You choose which method to use. Without this check, it is possible to miss an employe's initial enrollment period requiring the employe to provide Evidence of Insurability to enroll, or you will have to submit an Employer Error review of the employe's eligibility for insurance.

ETF's Extranet Site Provides Up-to-date WRS Previous Service Information

Did you know that if you have Internet capability using a browser that supports Netscape Navigator, version 4.0 or higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher, you can conduct your own previous service checks? Our Employer Extranet site allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Determine insurance program eligibility dates for your new employes based on previous WRS service and/or separation benefit dates.

  • Determine the WRS eligibility status for your rehired annuitants based on WRS termination and annuity application dates.

  • Calculate supplemental sick leave credits for your retiring employes based on WRS participant employment category. (State Agencies only)

In addition, you can view the following information specific to WRS participants:

  • Enrollment Dates

  • Termination Dates

  • Employment Categories

  • Previous Service Amounts Under the WRS

  • Lump Sum (Separation or Retirement Benefit Information) Dates

  • Retirement Annuity Application Received (at ETF) Dates

  • Annuity Effective Dates

To expedite your insurance processing, and to determine eligibility for your rehired annuitants, complete the attached Employer Extranet Application Security Agreement (ET-8928), and return it to ETF using the address at the top of the form. Within a few weeks, you will receive a Logon identification number, identifier codes, temporary password, and a Wisconsin Retirement System Extranet Previous Service and Benefit Inquiry User Manual (ET-1733).

(STATE EMPLOYES ONLY - Once access to the Extranet site has been approved, you will be able to access the Extranet site using your Central Payroll Logon identification number and password.)

Reminder to WRS Agents about former employes with access to ETF's Extranet site:

When you terminate an employe, please send a letter including the former employe's name, Social Security number, your employer name and EIN. We will remove the employe's access to our Extranet site.

For more information about the Employer Extranet site, or if you have questions regarding the instructions for obtaining access to the Extranet site, contact Deborah Speckmann at (608) 267-2132.


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