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Employer Bulletin

State and Local Life Employers
Vol. 18, No. 23
December 17, 2001

Bulletin Contains Revisions of Life Forms Quick Reference Guide and Group Life Insurance Administration Manual

Included with this Bulletin is a Life Forms Quick Reference Guide and a revised copy of the Group Life Insurance Administration Manual (ET-1117), dated November 2001. Additional copies of the Manual can be ordered using the attached order form. Copies of both items are also available on ETF's Internet Web site at The Life Forms Quick Reference Guide contains the latest revision date for each form, shows the Subchapter in the Manual where the form is located and indicates if the form is available on the Internet.

Please note that some of the chapters in the newly revised Group Life Insurance Administration Manual have been renumbered, combined, rearranged or extensively revised. The following chapters have been updated with new information.

Chapter Number and Name: Contains New Information On:
3 Types of Insurance
  1. Extra units of Additional
  2. Spouse and Dependent coverage amounts are $10,000 (spouse) and $5,000 (dependent)
4 Eligible Employees Performing WRS previous service checks implemented 8/2000
5 Examples of Eligibility and Coverage in Various Employment Situations New employees, rehired annuitants, seasonal, limited term, and state transfers.
6 Application/Cancellation/ Refusal
  1. Applying for Spouse and Dependent coverage
  2. Canceling Insurance
  3. Three-ply application rather than four-ply (eliminated MLIC copy)
7 Evidence of Insurability New form and process implemented 11/2000
8 Amount of Insurance Estimating coverage amounts for new employees and examples of employee coverage during periods of no earnings
9 Employee and Employer Contributions
  1. 2001 and 2002 premium rates
  2. Spouse and Dependent premium - $2.00 per month (locals) and $2.50 per month (state)
  3. Percent of contributions for state employers 63% for Basic and 35% for Supplemental
  4. No Supplemental percent of contribution requirement for locals
  5. Local employer premiums change for July coverage month rather than April
10 State Premium Reporting and Remittance Premium collection, ETF reporting procedures and MLIC premium reporting process implemented 6/1999
11 Local Government Premium Billing and Collection Monthly billing process explained
12 Premium Reporting and Remittance Deadlines
  1. Due Date Rule
  2. Interest Due Notice (ET-1806) used for state and local employers
13 Annual Renewal Census Includes separate instructions for state and local employers
14 Disability Premium Waiver Reflects process as revised 4/2000
15 Death and Dismemberment Claims
  1. Notice of Death (ET-6301)
  2. Applying for living benefits
  3. Converting life insurance to pay health insurance premiums or long-term care insurance
16 Termination of Group Insurance Coverage Chart showing employer responsibilities when an employee terminates employment
18 Reinstatement of Coverage Lost Through Employer Error
  1. Types of employer errors and how to avoid them
  2. Premium may be initiated when employer error is discovered rather than waiting for ETF approval

Newly Added

Appendix A Wisconsin Statutes

Appendix B Wisconsin Administrative Codes



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