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Employer Bulletin

All WRS Employers
Vol. 19, No. 1
January 17, 2002

ETF Announces New File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Internet Reporting Option; Reiterates Employer IVR System as Option

In the very near future, the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) will implement a new method to submit Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) employee transaction report data, including:

  • Annual reports of employee earnings and hours of service.
  • Termination reports.
  • Corrections to current year transaction reports.
  • Late reported (prior year) earnings and/or hours of service reports.

This new method of transmitting data is called File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and it allows the transmission of confidential data through a secure Internet site. FTP transmission provides a more efficient method for submitting data to ETF and can save as much as one week in sending files back and forth between ETF and the employer if corrections are needed. Other efficiencies include:

  • Less chance of errors with FTP transmission than with paper reports that must be keyed into ETF's database.
  • Elimination of problems related to damaged or incomplete disks.
  • Files can be returned to you, if necessary, for correction and returned to ETF the same day.
  • Employers simply "drag and drop" their data file onto ETF's secure Internet site.

In order to utilize FTP, you must install the necessary software on your computer systems. ETF has purchased the hardware and software to implement the FTP method of transmission and will provide you with the necessary software and software license free of charge.

If you are interested in using FTP, please discuss this transmission method with the appropriate person in your Information Technology (IT) area to ensure you have the capability to perform FTP transmissions. If so, send an e-mail message to requesting a password and the necessary software. In your e-mail message, be sure to include your employer name, Employer Identification Number, WRS contact person, and telephone number. ETF will provide you with a password and the necessary software and instructions.

If you have questions about using FTP, please contact Dale Ferron at 608-266-0728 or e-mail Dale at

Employer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

The Employer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System that allows for the submission of Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) monthly retirement remittance contributions has been up and running successfully since January, 2000. The employer IVR process is a convenient and inexpensive way to transmit WRS contributions. Approximately 200 WRS employers are now using this process to make monthly retirement remittance contributions to the WRS.

The employer IVR utilizes Automated Clearing House (ACH) to electronically transfer monies from the employer's bank account to ETF's bank account. And, unlike the Wire Transfer method that costs $20.00 - $30.00 a month, the ACH method is free of charge. In addition, employers using the IVR system can avoid late fees due to mailing delays that sometimes occur through the USPS.

If you are interested in using the Employer IVR System to submit your WRS contributions electronically, complete the attached ACH Direct Withdrawal Authorization (ET-1734) and forward it to Todd Anderson at the address noted at the top of that form. You may also FAX the form to Anderson at (608) 266-5801.

Upon receipt of your ACH authorization, the Department will:

  • Process your request.
  • Notify you to call and establish a personal password.
  • Process a prenote (practice) transaction with your banking institution to ensure the ACH process is working properly.
  • Provide you with instructions for using the Employer IVR System.
  • Notify you of your effective date to begin using the IVR system.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Employer IVR System for electronic submission of WRS contributions, contact Todd Anderson at (608) 266-6553 or Dale Ferron at (608) 266-0728. You may also send questions via e-mail to


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