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Employer Bulletin

All WRS Employers
Vol. 20, No. 20
December 11, 2003

Deadlines Announced for 2003 WRS Annual Reports and WRS Annual Reconciliation Information

The chart below contains the mandatory deadlines for filing your WRS Annual Report (i.e., the report containing your employees' annual earnings and hours of service detail) and your December WRS Monthly Remittance Report. It is critical that you meet these deadlines so the Department of Employee Trust Funds (DETF) can complete the following tasks in a timely manner:

  • Reconcile all earnings and contributions reported for calendar year 2003
  • Prepare and distribute the January 1, 2004 WRS Statements of Benefits
  • Calculate 2005 WRS contribution rates


WRS 2003 Annual Report, ET-2533 All Employers January 30, 2004
December 2003 WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Report,
(REV 11/2001)

Local Employers

State Employers

State Employers

January 30, 2004

January 30, 2004

January 20, 2004

Electronic Media Reporting and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Internet Reporting Options

Employers with 250 or more employees must report their employees' annual detail earnings and hours of service in electronic format as provided in ETF 10.60 (2), Wis. Admin. Code. DETF encourages all employers to report electronically. Electronic reporting greatly increases processing efficiency, reduces the risk of number transposition errors by employers, and reduces data entry errors at DETF.

Specific information on Electronic Media Reporting is covered in Chapter 12 of the WRS Administration Manual, ET 1127 (REV 5/99). Please contact Dale Ferron at (608) 266-0728 if you are interested in reporting via electronic media or have questions regarding this method of annual reporting.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is another transmission method available for employers to submit their WRS Annual Report. FTP allows the transmission of confidential data through a secure internet site and provides a more efficient method of submitting data to DETF. FTP saves time by eliminating the need to mail files back and forth between DETF and the employer when corrections are needed. Other efficiencies include:

  • Error reduction. FTP transmission is subject to fewer errors than paper reports that require manual data entry into DETF's database.
  • Elimination of damaged or incomplete disks and related problems.
  • Same day correction capability.
  • Ease of transmission; employers simply "highlight and send" the data file to DETF's secure Internet site.

In order to utilize FTP, you must install the necessary software on your computer systems. DETF has purchased the hardware and software required for the FTP method of transmission. The software and software license will be provided to you free of charge.

If you are interested in using the FTP transmission method, discuss the system requirements with your Information Technology area to ensure you have the capability to perform FTP transmissions. Your e-mail message must include your Employer name, Employer Identification Number (XXXX-000), WRS contact person, and telephone number. DETF will then provide you with a password, the necessary software, and instructions.

Instructions for Reconciling Your WRS Earnings

Please refer to Chapter 9, WRS Administration Manual, ET-1127 (REV 5/99) for guidance in reconciling your WRS 2003 earnings. In addition to the information provided in the administration manual, DETF has enclosed the following three reports to assist you in the reconciliation process:

Employee Transaction Report

2003 Employee Transactions, (including additional contributions) that have been updated to DETF's database through December 7, 2003. Earnings totals, by employment categories, are displayed at the end of the report.

Employee Suspended Transaction Report

2003 suspended Employee Transactions that have been received by DETF, but not updated to DETF's database. Posting to the employee's account has not occurred due to incomplete or inaccurate information on the submitted transaction report. DETF is reviewing and processing these transactions and may contact you for resolution.

Contributions Total Report

Total WRS earnings by employment category and additional contributions that you have reported to DETF on the January through October 2003 WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Reports, ET-1515 (REV 11/2001). Note: In some cases November 2003 earnings are included for employers who have filed the November 2003 report early.

The following chart illustrates how to use these reports in conjunction with the transactions and Monthly Retirement Remittance Reports not yet submitted to DETF.

Employee Transaction Reports
(A + B)
= Monthly Retirement
Remittance Reports
(C + D)
Includes Transactions:

A. Reported to the WRS

  • Earnings (by employment category) on the Employee Transaction Reports (see above description).
  • Earnings (by employment category) on the Employee Suspended Transaction Report (see above description).

B. Not Yet Reported to the WRS

  • Earnings (by employment category) on the Annual Transaction Report
  • Earnings (by employment category) from any 2003 terminations not yet reported to the WRS







Includes Remittance Reports:

C. Reported to the WRS

  • Earnings (by employment category) on the Contributions Total Report (see above description).

D. Not Yet Reported to the WRS

  • Earnings (by employment category) on the WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Reports for November and December 2003.
Reconciliation Tips:
  • Calculate the total of all employees' WRS earnings from your payroll records (by category). This total should equal the total of earnings reported to DETF throughout the year, including your annual report (i.e., A and B above).
  • Calculate the total of all WRS earnings (by employment category) on the 12 WRS Monthly Remittance Reports (i.e., C and D above).
  • Total WRS transaction report earnings (A plus B) must equal the total WRS earnings reported on the 12 monthly remittance reports (C plus D).

General Annual Reporting Reminders

The following reminders apply to all employers with fiscal year employees, regardless of the reporting method used.

  • Fiscal year employees include teachers (employment categories 10 and 11), educational support personnel (employment category 12) and judges (employment categories 05, 07 and 08).
  • Transactions reported for fiscal year employees must include January through June fiscal year hours and earnings in addition to 2003 calendar year hours and earnings if the fiscal year employee was active during the January through June period.
  • January through June (fiscal year) hours and earnings must be less than or equal to the employee's calendar year hours and earnings.

The columns labeled, "Employee Required Contributions" and "Benefit Adjustment Contributions," are to be used only when you have actually deducted a contribution amount from your employee's paycheck. Do not use these columns to report total employee required and benefit adjustment contributions that you have paid on behalf of the employee. These amounts can not exceed the employee required and benefit adjustment contribution rates in effect for 2003.

Employee name changes can not be made on the annual report by crossing out the name printed on the report and writing the new name. An Employee Identification/Correction Change, ET-2810, must be submitted to DETF to make this change. Refer to Chapter 5 of the WRS Administration Manual for instructions on changing an employee's name.

If you have an employee on leave of absence as of December 31, 2003, refer to Chapter 9 of the WRS Administration Manual for the appropriate Action Code to use on the Annual Report.

If you have reported all of 2003's hours and earnings for a terminated employee at the time of final earnings payment, do not report this employee again on the Annual Report.

Include only transactions that apply to the 2003 calendar year. For example, an employee who terminates employment in December, but who is not paid final earnings until January, must be reported as an active employee on the 2003 Annual Report using the "00" Action Code. In January 2004, you will report the December termination date along with the earnings (and corresponding hours) paid in January 2004.

Specific Guidelines for Annual Reporting

Use the following specific criteria to report your annual detail, depending on the method you use to report to DETF.

(Disk, File Transfer Protocol)
(Pre-printed Employee Transaction Report
(Employer Custom-Printed Annual Report)
Follow the specifications as defined in Chapter 12 of the WRS Administration Manual. Electronic Reporters must submit the Electronic Reporter Transmittal, ET-2536 (REV 9/98) with the annual report disk or files. A copy of the transmittal form is on our Internet site at: under Employer Forms and Brochures. Additional copies of this form may be ordered by calling DETF Supply and Mail Services at (608) 266-3302. The pre-list report is preprinted with the report date, employee name, employee Social Security number, action code and action date. Terminated employees listed on your report who have not been reported to DETF need to be reported on a separate Employee Transaction Report. Cross the name off the pre-list and immediately report the termination on a separate ET-2533 using a 2003 report date.

Note: If a WRS eligible employee does not appear on the pre-list you receive, DETF has not received the required WRS Enrollment form, ET-2316. You must complete and submit the enrollment form immediately and add the employee to the preprinted Annual Report.

Follow the instructions as noted in Chapter 9 of the WRS Administra-tion Manual. If you are using your own reporting format for the first time, you must have the format pre-approved by DETF prior to submitting your 2003 annual report. The approval process is critical because DETF contracts with an outside vendor for data entry services and the format must be standardized for data entry purposes. For pre-approval, submit a sample copy of your reporting format to Dale Ferron, P.O. Box 7931, Madison, WI 53707-7931.

Contact DETF Staff For Questions Regarding WRS Annual Reporting

Contact the Employer Communication Center at (608) 264-7900 if you have questions about reporting employee hours and earnings.

For questions regarding either the WRS Annual Report format or FTP transmission, contact Dale Ferron at (608) 266-0728.


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