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Employer Bulletin

All WRS Employers
Vol. 21, No. 7
June 1, 2004

Extranet WRS Contribution Remittance Link a Success; ETF Makes Important Changes to Employee Transaction and Additional Contributions Reports

Note: This application is NOT available to State agencies that make payments via WiSMART.

The new Employer Extranet WRS Contribution Remittance link has been in operation for several months and is proving to be a successful electronic innovation for Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) reporting. The WRS Contribution Remittance application gives employers the ability to securely transmit Monthly Retirement Remittance Reports (ET-1515) to the Department via the Internet with ease. The Internet version of remittance reporting is identical to using the telephone to report Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payments to the WRS.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received from WRS employers regarding this new application:

“I filed my first WRS Contribution Remittance report via the Internet this week and it was wonderful. The reporting process is so much faster and easier than doing the IVR system over the telephone. I’ll never go back to the old way and I look forward to filing my report next month. It’s awesome!”
— WRS employer located in Central Wisconsin

"Just wanted to let you know that I love being able to use the Internet to submit my monthly WRS transmittals. The IVR was good, but Internet transmittals are so much easier both for input and checking accuracy of reports as well as much faster. You can print and view your report immediately! Keep up the good work!"
— WRS employer located in Southern Wisconsin

"I used the Internet to transfer our January WRS Monthly Remittance Report and found it very fast and easy. I would recommend using the Internet vs. the Interactive Active Voice Response (IVR) system because of the time it saves."
— WRS employer located in Northern Wisconsin

This new application allows employers to:

  • Select a payment date or default to the statutory due date.
  • Make the contribution payment to the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Withdrawal.
  • Print confirmation reports of the on-line Monthly Remittance Report.
  • Reduce or eliminate reporting and/or calculation errors.
  • Increase efficiency through more accurate data transmission and faster processing time.
  • Eliminate late payment charges due to mailing delays.

ETF strongly encourages all employers, including employers currently using the telephone IVR System, to migrate to the new on-line WRS Contribution Remittance application.

In order to obtain access to ETF’s Extranet applications, including the WRS Contribution Remittance application, you must complete and submit an Employer Extranet Security Agreement (ET-8928) to ETF. A separate ET-8928 must be submitted for each employee that you wish to authorize for access to the Extranet on your behalf. Once processed by ETF, your authorized employee(s) will receive a Logon ID and a Password identifier. The ID and Password will enable the employee to perform WRS functions for your agency.

NOTE: The Logon ID and Password belong to the authorized employee only and should not be “shared” with other employees that you have not authorized. For this reason it is imperative to notify ETF when an employee terminates employment or is no longer authorized to use these applications under your agency’s authority.

Employers must submit an Automated Clearing House Direct Withdrawal Authorization (ET-1734), also known as the ACH form, with the Employer Extranet Application Security Agreement to use the WRS Contribution Remittance application. The ACH form can be downloaded from the Employer Section of ETF’s Web site at Please attach your ACH authorization directly to the Security Agreement when submitting to ETF for authorization. Allow the Department approximately three weeks to complete the process.

Note: Send only the Employer Extranet Application Security Agreement if you are a current user of the telephone IVR system. You need not submit a new ACH authorization.

For questions regarding the WRS Contribution Remittance Extranet application, contact Steve Berg at (608) 264-7900 (e-mail: or Dale Ferron at (608) 266-0728 (e-mail:

Important Change to Employee Transaction Reports and Additional Contribution Reports

The WRS “Prelist” printouts of Employee Transaction Reports (ET-2533) and Additional Contribution Reports (ET-2535) will change in the very near future. The Department will begin printing the “Prelist” on single sided sheets using standard size paper (8.5" x 11") instead of 8.5" x 11.75" pin-fed paper. The new forms are one-ply instead of two-ply paper. Employers will need to make copies of the forms for their own records.

Employers that currently request our pinfed forms and print their own reports will still be able to request the Employee Transaction Reports and Additional Contribution Reports for their own use.

ETF continually seeks to improve our employer forms and welcomes your feedback. Please address all comments to Dale Ferron, Division of Trust Finance & Employer Services, P.O. Box 7931, Madison WI 53707-7931 or contact Dale via e-mail:


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