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Employer Bulletin

Local Employers
Vol. 16, Local E
august 20, 1999

Additional Health Insurance Enrollment Opportunity for Local Government Employes that Work Less than Half-time

As of January 1, 1999, Section 3.03 (2) (b) of the Health Insurance Guidelines provide another enrollment opportunity to less than half-time employes that initially decline health insurance coverage. This enrollment opportunity is tied to the employer premium categories set forth in ETF 40.10 (2) (a) and (b), Wisconsin Administrative Code. Employes whose hours increase to half-time or more have 30 days from the date they become eligible for the higher employer premium contribution category under ETF 40.10 (2) (b) to file an enrollment application for the Wisconsin Public Employers' Group Health Insurance Program. Coverage becomes effective the first of the month following the employer's receipt of the application.


An employe in a WRS-covered position appointed to work fewer than 1,044 hours is eligible for less than half-time employer premium contributions and elects not to participate in health insurance coverage. The employe later receives an appointment effective October 1, 1999 to 1,044 hours or 50% time. The employe now has an additional enrollment opportunity due to this increase in hours. The application must be received by the employer on or before October 31, 1999 (30 days from being hired into the new appointment) for coverage effective November 1, 1999

Employes who fail to enroll during this additional enrollment opportunity will only be eligible to elect insurance coverage under the Standard Plan with a six-month (180-day) waiting period for preexisting conditions.

Direct questions regarding health insurance eligibility to the Employer Communication Center at (608) 264-7900.


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