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Employer Bulletin

Non Central Payroll State Employers and Local WRS Employers
Vol. 20, Local B
February 6, 2003

Distribution Code/Address Option Selection Form

In this bulletin please find the Distribution Code Address Option Selection form. This form was inadvertently omitted from Employer Bulletin Vol. 20, Local A dated January 27, 2003. Use the Distribution Code Address Option Selection form following the directions in Employer Bulletin Vol. 20, Local A. We apologize for any delay or confusion this may have caused.

Mail or fax the attached Distribution Code/Address Option Selection form to ETF by March 3, 2003. When completing this form, please provide your WRS employer number (69-036-XXXX-XXX) and indicate whether you will be submitting these codes and/or addresses on diskette, paper, or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) by checking the appropriate box. Electronic reporting increases accuracy and efficiency. The FTP process is new and has worked well when submitting data to ETF.


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