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Employer Bulletin

State Employers
Vol. 19, State A
January 10, 2002

Act 11 Employer Invoice Credit

The State Controller's Office recently issued Bulletin 263 regarding procedures on how to handle the Act 11 Employer Credit. Bulletin 263 is available on the State Controller's web site.

While using the credit to pay your monthly retirement contributions, you still must file a WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Report (ET-1515) each month. Use the "Invoice Detail" section in the lower portion of the form to identify the invoice number(s) and the amounts to be applied to this report. The total of invoiced items (including any invoices owed) should be carried forward to Line 3.

The enclosed "Annual Statement of Employer Invoice Credit-Act 11" provides a summary of the invoices you have received, and the remaining balance available on each invoice. You will receive an updated statement each month before your WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Report, ET-1515, is due to help you identify which invoices are available to be applied to your monthly report.

If you have questions on completing your WRS Monthly Retirement Remittance Report (ET-1515) contact Ron Diehl at (608) 266-2737. If you have questions related to the Act 11 Employer Invoice Credit amount(s), please contact Nancy Kittleson at ETF by telephone at (608) 267-9034 or e-mail Please direct your WiSMART questions to at the State Controller's Office.


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