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Employer Bulletin

State Employers
Vol. 20, State C
September 5, 2003

Spectera Vision Care* - A New Benefit for State Employees

A new vision care benefit is available to State agencies that wish to offer it to employees. The Spectera Vision Care plan provides coverage for vision hardware (lenses, frames, and contact lenses), and vision exams.

The plan is a voluntary employee-pay-all plan that supplements vision benefits offered through State group health plans. Currently, there is no vision hardware benefit available to state employees. Vision exams are covered by Uniform benefits under the group health plan, but are not covered for subscribers in the self-insured plans (Standard and SMP). Employees who are eligible to participate in the State group health plan are eligible to participate in this plan as well (the employee only needs to be eligible for the group health plan, not necessarily enrolled).

The employee premium is payable with pre-tax dollars, effectively reducing the total cost paid by employees. The State also benefits from a reduction in payroll taxes. Attached to this bulletin is a summary of the benefits offered and the monthly premium rates.

Enrollment for the 2004 plan year is set for October 13 through November 21. Representatives from Spectera may be contacting you in the near future to assess your agency's interest in offering this benefit to your employees. If your agency wishes to offer the benefit, contact Spectera representative Mike Ehrle at (312) 920-9214, Ext. 223. Questions regarding the plan may be directed to Steve Grob, Department of Employee Trust Funds, at (608) 266-3099.

*This insurance plan has been authorized by the Group Insurance Board for the purpose of permitting premium collection through payroll deduction under authority granted by § 40.03 (6)(b) and pursuant to § 20.921(1)(a)3. State Statutes. The criteria used by the Board involved meeting several requirements which include, but are not limited to: documentation of financial stability, demonstration of a reasonable ratio of claims paid to the premium level, authorized to conduct business in the State of Wisconsin, agreeing to conditions for the rate-making process and other administrative conditions. Department of Employee Trust Funds staff and the Board's actuary review proposals for participation prior to Board approval. However, the Board does not require competitive bids or a benefit comparison with similar products from other vendors. Authorization for payroll deduction should not be construed as an endorsement of this plan by either the Group Insurance Board or the Department of Employee Trust Funds.


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