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March 30, 2017

myETF Payroll and Employment File Resources Revised,
Available Online

ETF recently updated the myETF Payroll File Resource and Employment File Resource. The new versions are available on the myETF Employer web pages. You can also find the change logs online (for both the Payroll File and Employment File), which include specific lists of updates to each resource.

Two significant changes are:

  • Payroll File and Employment File: Punctuation was removed from the valid values for prefixes and suffixes.
  • Payroll File and Employment File: Further clarification is now available regarding which fields an employer may submit to ETF on ever file.

The changes listed in the change log may impact your file submission in the future; please review this important resource. Remember to use the links on the myETF Employer web pages to check the version dates of resources to ensure your printed copies are the most recent versions.

If you have any questions on myETF, please send a message to

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