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May 30, 2017

This information was originally provided via ETF E-mail Updates on November 17, 2016. Sign up here for ETF E-mail Updates.

myETF News: Employer Payroll Software Vendors & Employment File Resource Training

Payroll Vendor List
One frequent question we receive from employers is if we are in contact with their payroll vendors about the upcoming benefit administration system changes. We compiled a list of software vendors whom we’ve contacted about the myETF project. If we’ve listed your payroll vendor, we will interact with at least one technical representative from that vendor about myETF file requirements to facilitate the transition.

However, it is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to ensure they and their vendors are prepared when myETF goes live. This means you will need to communicate with your vendor about the system and ongoing process. You are expected to attend or view the myETF trainings as provided so that you are aware of the requirements. Your vendors are also welcome to learn from the training webinars.

If you do not see your payroll vendor listed, please direct them to the myETF Employer web pages and let them know they may submit their myETF questions to

Employment File Resource Training Reminder
There are only a few live myETF Employment File Resource trainings scheduled until the end of the year. The myETF Employment File allows employers to submit information to ETF outside of their normal payroll cycles, which is especially important in ensuring new employees maintain eligibility for benefits. 

Employers who offer ETF-administered life, health or income continuation insurance benefits are required to take the training by December 13. This date may seem early to some, however, we want to ensure that you are prepared for file confirmation which begins in early 2017. The information will be useful for all employers because the myETF Employment File offers flexibility with reporting. Visit the myETF Employer Training web page to register for the live session or view the recorded session.

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