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August 30, 2016

myETF Employer Payroll File Live Webinar Sessions Added

ETF has scheduled eight additional myETF Employer Payroll File Resource Training live webinar sessions. We will conduct these sessions on Sep. 1, Sept. 8, Sep. 21, Oct. 12, Nov. 3, Nov. 16, Dec. 6 and Dec. 15. The recorded webinar remains available for those who prefer that option. ETF requires that each employer have at least one representative participate in the myETF Payroll File training. This training targets individuals who handle payroll responsibilities for employers who offer ETF-administered benefits. It also provides an overview of what is ahead for employers regarding the myETF project.

These webinars focus on the different employer options for submitting the myETF Payroll File data and provide employers with an understanding of the myETF Payroll File Resource document.

If you are an employer who uses a third-party vendor for payroll submission, you may invite your payroll vendor representative to register for and attend training. Though we strongly encourage vendor attendance, ultimately it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure they are prepared when myETF goes live.

Please visit the myETF Employer Training web page to register for a live or recorded webinar.

Comments from employers who have attended the myETF Payroll File Resource training reflect a very positive experience:

“The interaction was very helpful. Thank you for the quick direct answers to questions. Keep doing them like this. Perfect! Looking forward to future webinars. Thank you.”-Renee Middleton, Douglas County

“I was so excited to hear all the changes, and they are all for the better!  Thanks!” -Amy Berger, Chippewa Valley Technical College

If you have any questions regarding myETF or the Payroll File Resource, please send them to


July 5, 2016

New Recorded Session Available: myETF Employer Payroll File Resource Training

Every employer is required to have at least one employee take the informative myETF Payroll File Resource Training by September 1, 2016. We recorded one of our first live sessions, and it’s now available for you to attend at your convenience. The recorded session, which is 57 minutes long, is a great way to meet the training requirement since you can listen to and view the webinar at any time.

The link is available on the training page of the myETF Employer web pages. Click on the blue View the Recorded Webinar button, and the recording will begin playing. If you prefer to attend a live webinar, click on the blue Register now for a LIVE Webinar button. 

For more information on myETF or to learn more about the myETF Payroll File Resource, visit the myETF for Employers web pages. If you have any questions after viewing the presentation, please feel free to send feedback to the special inbox we have for employers.

June 20, 2016

Sign Up Now for a myETF Payroll File Resource Webinar

The employer-required myETF Payroll File Resource Training is underway. This training targets individuals who handle payroll responsibilities for employers who offer ETF-administered benefits. This includes those who need to understand the content and format of payroll and benefit information described in the myETF Employer Payroll File Resource, which will be reported each payroll cycle in myETF. One person from each employer is required to attend one of the sessions.

Now is the time to review the schedule and register for a session; you can do that through the myETF Employer web pages. Each session is limited to 100 attendees. We expect that sessions will run near capacity, especially for the sessions at the end of the schedule. So don’t delay, register today.

Here’s what a few attendees at the first session had to say:

“Thank you for the webinar! I believe webinars are a nice way to train employers for the new system, as nothing beats hands on / visual training.”

“It is nice to see screens within the actual new myETF system. Thank you!”

This training will show employers several of the benefits of myETF, including the fact that employers will report service and earnings based on their payroll cycle(s), which eliminates the need for annual reconciliation.

If you have questions about the training or myETF in general, please send them to the mailbox, which is specifically set aside for employer feedback about myETF.

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