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July 23, 2018

Now Available: Virtual Benefits Counselor, ALEX

ALEX is an interactive, online tool to help state employees and pre-Medicare retirees learn more about and understand their health insurance benefit options under the Wisconsin Retirement System. Please access ALEX yourself, see what it’s all about and then share the word with your employees.

Consider ALEX your department’s virtual benefits counselor. For example, employees can use it to make informed benefits decisions:

  • as new hires;
  • during open enrollment; and even
  • when life events necessitate changes

ALEX speaks in plain English – no insurance jargon and the experience is personalized, highly interactive and engaging. Users are guided through the process of choosing benefit options and given straightforward explanations and information along the way. It’s like having a real conversation with a benefits expert.

Security of member information is very important – users do not input personally identifiable information or personal health information. It is simply a secure, confidential, online tool to help employees make the best benefits-related decisions for themselves and their families.

Please note: This is the 2018 version of ALEX. The Department of Employee Trust Funds soft launched this version to give participating employers time to promote its use among new hires and employees with life event changes. Watch for the 2019 version prior to It’s Your Choice open enrollment; the 2018 version will remain live through the end of the year.

Note: There are two ALEX portals: one is for State and UWHC employees; the other is for UW System employees. Visit the Meet ALEX webpage for links and FAQs.

And Coming Soon: Your ALEX employer communications toolkit, containing ready-to-go materials to increase participating employees’ awareness of ALEX, including email messages, banner ads, newsletter articles, posters, postcard, etc. In addition, look for complete modules with comprehensive, turn-key communication campaigns centered around a theme, challenge, or approach. Potential modules include:

  • how employers can best communicate about ALEX with hard-to-reach employees and employees’ spouses, partners or family members;
  • how ALEX can help employees outside of open enrollment periods;
  • a “new hire” module to help new employees make benefit choices;
  • and more

Watch for availability of the ALEX employer toolkit, complete with communications materials and modules, in time for pre-open enrollment planning.
To report ALEX feedback or to ask questions about ALEX, email This mailbox is for use by employers only.

More Information:
ALEX State Employer Webinar

Potential Google Chrome audio issue: Users may experience temporary audio issues when accessing ALEX using Chrome. Chrome recently released a new version of its browser and within those updates an audio bug was introduced. As a result, the audio of software like ALEX may disappear for short periods. ETF has confirmed the issue will be resolved soon. In the meantime, users may need to close and reopen their browsers.

  • Look for ALEX on ETF’s website: Go to the It’s Your Choice menu and navigate to Resources-Education.


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