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July 31, 2018

Divorce and Employer Responsibility

ETF has recently reviewed its procedures for your role in the event an employee divorces. As a reminder:

It is the employee’s responsibility to notify you, the employer, when a divorce has occurred so that the former spouse and dependents (if applicable) are removed from life and health insurance plans. You can direct your employee to the How Divorce Can Affect Your WRS Benefits (ET-4925) brochure for information.

As the employer, it is your responsibility to prepare and issue the Continuation-Conversion Notice (ET-2311) within five days of notification to the former spouse and dependents (if applicable), as well as ETF. You are responsible for removing the spouse from the employee’s health insurance plan when they have been notified of the divorce.

In some situations, ETF receives a domestic relations order (DRO) for a divorce before the employee has notified their employer. When this happens, ETF will:

  • Contact you, the employer, to notify you of the divorce and request that you get an application from the employee removing their spouse or dependents (if applicable). You must issue the COBRA notice within five days of when ETF notifies you of the divorce. You must also send the COBRA notice to ETF within these five days.
  • If ETF does not receive the COBRA notice and coverage is not changed within these five days, ETF will remove the spouse and dependents (if applicable) and issue the COBRA notice on your behalf. This step is not meant to be a substitute for the employer’s responsibility to take action.
  • ETF Employer Services will send an email to the employer notifying them of the action taken by ETF on their behalf

Please contact your Insurance case manager with questions.

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