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October 27, 2016

Financial Fitness Challenge 2016:
Help Employees Take Control of Their Financial Futures

The Department of Employee Trust Funds has launched Financial Fitness Challenge 2016. This confidential, free opportunity is available to all Wisconsin Retirement System members (state and local government) until December 31, 2016.

  • State agency employers: ETF has made arrangements with the Department of Administration to send the link to Financial Fitness Challenge 2016 directly to all employees via the state’s enterprise email system.
  • Local government employers: Please send the link to Financial Fitness Challenge 2016 directly to your staff.

Please encourage your employees to take the Challenge. Why is this important? There are many reasons, but chief among them is that you are in a position to help your employees improve their financial well-being. The program leverages best practices in technology, psychology and online competition to make learning about money efficient, effective and fun, which results in more engaged and productive employees. At the end of the campaign employers will receive aggregate data about their own employees–information you can use to develop a workplace financial wellness program tailored to your employees’ needs.

You may recall last year's financial fitness checkup, which also involved an online survey to assess financial wellness and behaviors. This year's program is bigger and better. Financial Fitness Challenge 2016 consists of three steps:

  • The Financial Fitness CHECKUP. This is a free, quick online survey that assesses and benchmarks an employee’s financial aptitude, behavior and confidence. After completing the online survey, employees immediately receive a personalized financial fitness score and details about their answers.
  • The Financial Fitness Academy. Upon completion of the CHECKUP, employees will receive an offer to enroll in online learning tutorials–with courses recommended for them based on their individual CHECKUP results–for 12 months at the Financial Fitness Academy (no charge - $200 value). Hundreds of courses are available; topics include debt management, budgeting, investments and retirement planning. 
  • Access to a Financial Advisor. If employees want help with any of the tasks or financial topics they are trying to accomplish or learn, they have access to free financial advising for up to 30 days.

ETF will promote the campaign using ETF E-mail Updates, Twitter and our employer communication channels. We’ve also created a colorful poster that will help you promote the Challenge and build awareness. Download the poster now.

Wisconsin is one of five organizations selected nationwide to participate in the Financial Fitness Challenge Coaching Pilot. The Challenge provides independent, unbiased financial education, tools and resources free of charge to individuals taking the challenge. Individual employees’ results are confidential and will remain private.

Sponsors include the Department of Employee Trust Funds, the Department of Administration, the Department of Financial Institutions and the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy.

If you have questions about the Financial Fitness Challenge, please send an email to or contact Tarna Hunter at 608-267-0908 or Shelly Schueller at 608-266-6611.

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