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December 1, 2016

Health Insurance Applications Into myETF Benefits by 12/9/2016

The deadline for employers to enter It’s Your Choice open enrollment health insurance applications into myETF Benefits is December 9, 2016.

If the employee submitted a paper application to their employer, ETF does not require that a copy of the application be submitted to ETF. Employers are not to make entries on behalf of their employee without an application as documentation of the employee’s request. The employer must maintain a copy of the paper application in the employee’s file.

If employers have accepted a Group Health Insurance Application/Change (ET-2301) form, the following processing steps are required:

  1. Verify the employee completed the application in its entirety, including signing the application. The application should be promptly returned to the employee if it is incomplete. 
  2. Complete the Employer section of the application in its entirety. Do not leave requested information blank. 
  3. Return a completed copy of the application to the employee. Do not send a copy of the application to ETF or the health plan. 
  4. All Group Health Insurance Application/Change (ET-2301) forms received by the employer on or prior to November 11, 2016 must be entered electronically by December 9, 2016. This deadline must be met by the employer to ensure health plans and Navitus receive the contract information so that employees receive health plan information and identification cards prior to January 1, 2017.
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