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April 2, 2014

Updates to AcSL

This evening, April 2nd, 2014, ETF will be deploying the following enhancement to AcSL:

State agency employers will now have the ability to enter in a future termination date and create a Sick Leave estimate for members within AcSL. The estimate will not provide the duration of time that the member’s health insurance will last, but will provide a sick leave certification total (dollar amount) based on the employers entering the estimated hourly wage and sick leave hours.

Employers will be able to either print a copy to mail to a member, or save a copy (as a PDF) to their desktop that they can then e-mail to the member.

To ensure members are aware that they are receiving an estimate, the verbiage “This is an ESTIMATE only” will appear on all estimate screens and PDFs. All other functionality within AcSL will remain the same. Please see this PDF for instructions.

RE: Step 1 Arrow in AcSL:
Enter Termination Information

  • When the "Retirement- Eligible” reason is chosen, the following will appear on both the Certification of Accumulated Sick Leave screen and on the PDF copy going to the member: “Employee must be covered by the state group health insurance program on the retirement date to be eligible for these credits.”
  • If "Death" is chosen as the termination reason, the following will appear “Employee must be covered by the state group health insurance program on the date of death for his/her insured survivor(s) to be eligible for these credits.”

RE: Step 3 Arrow in AcSL:
Calculate Accumulated Leave Credits

  • If the member is a UW employee, the question “Was the employee an academic year faculty, academic staff or limited appointee at the time of termination or retirement?” will appear on the Certification of Accumulated Sick Leave screen. The employer must select Yes or No. If an answer is not selected, the system will prompt the question to be answered prior to generating the PDF.

Since employers maintain the data and responsibility associated with member’s sick leave, ETF will continue to direct calls from active members to their respective employers for all inquiries pertaining to sick leave, including obtaining an estimate.

If you have questions regarding this enhancement, please contact the ETF toll free at 1-877-533-5020 (option 2 for employers). Employers calling with questions regarding sick leave will continue to be transferred to ETF’s Retiree Services Section (RSS) for assistance.

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