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May 17, 2012

Changes to myETF Benefits
Health Insurance - New Error Message
(All State and WPE Health Insurance Employers)

On Thursday, May 17, 2012, the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) will deploy changes to the myETF Benefits health insurance system. ETF changed a number of error messages.

When you review an employee who elected to Cancel Coverage and has the status of “Approved-Not Applied,” myETF Benefits now displays the following:

  • Our records indicate that this member has a pending request for Cancel Coverage. This contract is not eligible for any additional changes at this time. Please see myMember Requests for additional details;
  • End dates in red are associated with Cancel Coverage requests that have been approved and will be processed tonight; and
  • This member has a pending request, see the myMembers Requests screen for more detail.

On the myMember Request Detail screen, when attempting to cancel or deny an initial "Approved-Not Applied" transaction for a current employee and later entering additional transactions for the same employee that are dependent on the initial transaction, myETF Benefits will display a new screen. This new screen will list all of the transactions possibly dependent on the initial transaction, in reverse chronological order, with the following message:

  • To Cancel or Deny this request, first Cancel or Deny the request or requests listed. If multiple requests are listed, these requests must be Cancelled or Denied in a reverse chronological order from the date of the most recent request to the date of the initial request.

myETF Benefits Screen-Request Detail

myETF Benefits Screen-Request Detail

When attempting to cancel or deny an initial “Approved-Not Applied” transaction on the myMember Request Detail screen for an employee and additional transactions were later entered for the same employee by another employer due to:

(a) transferring to a state employer to another state employer;

(b) transferring from a state employer to a local employer;

(c) transferring from a local employer to a state employer; or

(d) a spouse-to-spouse transfer, myETF Benefits will display a new screen with the following message:

  • You cannot cancel this request as there are other associated requests with another employer. Contact ETF for assistance to cancel or deny this request.

myETF Benefits Screen-Request Detail

myETF Benefits Screen-Request Detail

For more information, contact the ETF Employer Communications Center at (608) 264-7900 or toll free, 1-888-681-3952.

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