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November 24, 2015

Change to Invoicing for State Agencies
Effective January 1, 2016

The invoicing procedure for health insurance will change for state agencies on 1/1/2016 to accommodate changes needed by the Department of Administration’s State Transforming Agency Resources (STAR) project and move forward toward the new process related to ETF’s new benefit administration system

As of 1/1/2016, the invoice will be generated for payment for the current month. This means coverage will no longer be pre-paid one month in advance for health insurance. Additionally:

  • The invoice paid on 11/24/2015 is for December 2015 coverage.
  • No invoice will be generated on 12/1/2015 for January 2015 coverage.
  • ETF will not expect to receive payment from state agencies on 12/24/15 for health insurance.
  • On 1/1/2016, the invoice will be generated for January 2016 coverage and payment will be due on 1/25/2016 (1/24 falls on a Sunday).
  • This means that no premiums are due from employees or employers in December 2015 for health insurance.

How will Changes to Coverage be Reflected on the Invoice?
Any changes processed by a state agency will be processed in myETF Benefits, and will reflect on the January 1 invoice for January. This includes any changes made by an employer with retroactive effective dates or terminations dates.

Any changes made to a member’s coverage in December for 2015 will be shown on the 1/1/2016 invoice when it is generated. Any respective premium adjustments will also show on the 1/1/2016 invoice.

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