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August 28, 2013

August 2013 myETF Benefits Changes

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) will deploy the following updates to myETFBenefits August 28, 2013.

  • Previously, when employers updated the marital status and marital status date for employees on myMembers and then entered an Add Coverage transaction, the marital status and marital status date was dropped. This will now process correctly.
  • Previously, when employers completed demographic changes, the changes were removed when the employers submitted an Add Coverage transaction on the same day or days later. This will now process correctly.
  • Previously, a Personal Data Update changing an employee’s name followed by an Add Coverage transaction on the same day was not allowing the name change to update in myETF Benefits. This will now process correctly.
  • The Program Option Transfer maintenance reason is now available in the drop down box for local employers enrolled in more than one program option. Use this reason when an employee changes/transfers from one appointment to another with that same employer and the new appointment is under a different program option.
  • Maintenance reason codes must be consistent for activities that are done on the same day. This change to the system verifies with greater accuracy that the reasons given for Change Coverage Level, Change Health Plan and Add Dependent activities are valid combinations.
  • The maintenance reason It's Your Choice is used during the It's Your Choice period for changes to contracts. When a change to a contact involves a disabled person over the age of 26, ETF has to approve the transaction. Therefore, the normal status for that transaction is Waiting ETF Approval Disabled. This change recognizes that it is not necessary to wait for ETF approval when the disabled individual was on the previous contract. The system now automatically assigns the status Approved - Not Applied.
  • MyETF Benefits limits activities (Change Coverage Level, Add Dependent, etc.) to one of any given type on the same date for any contract. If an activity needs additional information or changes, then you must update the existing activity rather than start a new activity. The system was not enforcing this rule when a member would add an activity. Instead the system would start a new activity, creating multiple activities with inconsistent results. With this change, members cannot enter activities of the same type on the same day that ETF or the employer’s staff entered those activities.
  • A limited ability to edit dependent information has been added to the myMembers Request screen.
  • MyETF Benefits will no longer display the inaccurate test system banner (This is a test version (US) of the application and is used for testing and training purposes only.).

If you have any questions, please contact the Employer Communications Center toll free at 1-877-533-5020 or locally at 608-266-3285.

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