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January 9, 2015

Coming Soon: WRS News Online

Last September, ETFand the State of Wisconsin Investment Board brought news of a big change on the member communications front: A new online newsletter just for active employees and conversion of the paper-based WRS News to a retiree-only publication.

We are pleased to report mission accomplished! The first edition of WRS News Online will be available soon – we anticipate distribution to all WRS employers, via ETF E-mail Updates, on January 15.

How will WRS News Online differ from the paper-based WRS News?

  • Article topics will address the needs and interests of active employees. Whether early in their careers, at the mid-point or nearing retirement, employees will receive important information on all WRS retirement, insurance and other fringe benefits, as well as SWIB’s investment of WRS assets.
  • Ample use of full-color graphics and links to helpful resources and tools on the web.
  • Content will be “housed” and archived on the ETF’s website. Employees can view and print individual articles, search by topic, etc.
  • Employees can share articles of interest with coworkers, friends and family via social media, including Twitter and Facebook.
  • WRS News Online will be published four times a year – January, May, September and November – with special editions as needed.

Here are some distribution and technical details:

  • WRS News Online will be distributed to employers via ETF E-Mail Updates. After receiving the newsletter, employers should immediately forward the newsletter to all active employees. This is the same process for handling other timely communications for employees from ETF.
  • Beginning January 15, employees can also subscribe to receive WRS News Online via ETF-E-Mail Updates using their work or personal e-mail address. To setup a subscription or change subscriber preferences, go to ETF E-mail Updates on the ETF website, follow the prompts, and select WRS News Online as a topic.
  • Employers should contact the Employer Communication Center (1-877-533- 5020 or locally at 608-266-3285) if they are experiencing technical problems with the WRS News Online or ETF E-mail Updates.
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