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July 2, 2014

New Member Education Page on ETF Website

ETF has made changes to its website that will make it easier and more convenient for members to access videos, webinars and live events all on one page. The new Member Education link can be accessed on the site’s home page.

Videos are now arranged by career status: new employee, mid-career, nearing retirement and retired. We are also no longer using Mediasite video technology. Our most popular member videos have been converted and transferred to YouTube. All employer training videos have been removed; you will be notified when new ones are available.

If you currently advertise or post links to any ETF member education options for your employees, please ensure that the information and links are up to date.

The old links are below, as well as the new Member Education link where videos, webinars and live events can now be found:

Old Links:

  • Video library:
  • District Presentations:
  • Webinars:

New Link:


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