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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds

It’s Your Choice 2018 Kickoff Meeting
Recordings & Questions and Answers


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View 2018 State Employer Kickoff Meeting Recording

Download the 2018 State Employer IYC Kickoff Slide Presentation

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Zurich offers different plans to UW System than to the rest of state agencies. The non-UWS agency Zurich plan does not offer anytime enrollment. This changed effective 1/1/17. UWS offers anytime enrollment for Zurich, as noted on the ETF website for 2018 IYC.
There is some Identity Theft coverage under the “Travel Assist” benefit, included with Zurich coverage. Zurich’s website will have 2018 materials posted before open enrollment begins. There is a specific flyer with Travel Assist program details.

Domestic Partners

Act 59 grandfathers members for WRS death benefits and WRS Joint & Survivor Annuities. If the member does not name someone else on a beneficiary form, existing domestic partners will be the beneficiary and receive the full amount of death benefits payable from the member’s account. Domestic partners also have the right to be named a joint survivor on a member’s annuity if the domestic partnership has been in effective with ETF for at least one year.
Yes, ETF will send a letter clarifying which benefits are changing or ending. This letter will go out in the coming weeks.
DPs can file an app with the employer to ensure that their enrollment is processed correctly. However, ETF will work with employers to query and remove coverage for any DPs that are not proactively adjusted off of the eligibility files prior to 1/1/18.

No, the last date of acceptance for DP forms was the effective date of Act 59, September 22, 2017. Affidavits must have been received by ETF and verified as complete by that date.

Only if the domestic partner is the employee’s tax dependent.

ETF will be sending information to employers in the form of a bulletin instructing employers on how to send COBRA continuation information to Domestic Partners.


Navitus / Pharmacy

Navitus manages the accumulator file process; health plans report member out of pocket costs to Navitus.

Navitus will be mailing all forms and info about ServeYou DirectRx mail order services to members currently enrolled in mail order services. Others will be able to get information on Navitus’ website.

Yes. Flu shots are considered a medical services; if Target or CVS is available in your health plan, you can go to Target or CVS for your flu shot.

ServeYou and Navitus will work to transfer any existing prescriptions. Members will still need to register with ServeYou’s website to manage their accounts.

Yes, if Medicare is the member’s primary payer.


Wellness / StayWell

New employees will be presumed eligible for the premium differential. They will need to do their required wellness activities by the 2019 due date to keep the premium credit.

In 2019, the $150 will only be offered to State employees as a premium reduction, based on activities completed in 2018.

Yes, StayWell will be launching their app with the start of the 2018 program year. Watch for more information in the 2018 program mailer in January.


Yes, retirees can make changes online at

Please use the interactive map on ETF’s website to look at plans with provide access in neighboring states. You can search the plan’s provider directory for more detail.

Having a PCP is a best practice for care coordination. If a participant does not choose a PCP, their health plan will assign one. Participants can always contact their health plan to change PCPs.

Using “ERA” is part of an effort by ETF to become more consistent with IRS terminology. ERA includes other benefits like transit and parking that FSA technically does not.

The 1 + 1c rate only applies to Anthem Dental. There are only four tiers for EPIC dental. The 1 + 1c rate for EPIC is the same as the 1 + C rate. See the 2018 Dental Comparison Chart for details.

Members should select a primary care provider. If members select “Welcome Center” on the app, Quartz will auto-assign a PCP and notify the Welcome Center to reach out to the member.

View 2018 Local Employer Kickoff Meeting Recording

Download the 2018 Local Employer IYC Kickoff Slide Presentation

Emergency and urgent care services are covered out of network for all plans. Only the Its Your Choice Access Plan has out of network coverage for non-emergency services.

If the retiree is a Local Paid Annuitant (meaning the employer pays a portion of the health insurance premium for the retiree), the employer should notify the retiree. If the retiree is not a Local Paid Annuitant, ETF will notify the retiree.

Only employees (which includes retirees) and their spouses are eligible to receive the $150 Wellness Incentive.

Staywell will be sending a program brochure with all of the details regarding the incentive and additional resources to the homes of everyone enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance and Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Program.

An employee who wants to change their PCP can work with their health plan to make that change at any time. You can enroll an employee without a PCP. If the employee does not chose a PCP, the health plan will work with the employee to assign a PCP.

Hard copies of the 2018 Its Your Choice Decision Guides were mailed September 28, 2017. Please note employers who did not request paper copies, will not receive paper versions of the Decision Guides.

The final law regarding Domestic Partnership had different impacts on Domestic Partners with different benefits administered by ETF. Domestic Partners are “grandfathered” for certain WRS benefits, but not for health insurance or supplemental benefits.

Employers wishing to switch program options need to file a new resolution by October 15, 2017. After October 15, 2017 employers, would need special permission from ETF to switch program options. Contact your ETF Case Manager for this process or with any questions or concerns.