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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds

myETF for Employers


Welcome to your source for the most up-to-date information on myETF.
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Payroll-based reporting cycles
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Limited paper processes

Electronic communications
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New ICI Database
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Real-time Processing

Single Source of Information
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Intuitive Employer Interface
Decrease in data errors
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Elimination of annual reconciliation

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ETF is developing a new, web-based benefits administration system, referred to as myETF. The new system will modernize and improve ETF's IT capabilities and support more efficient business processes for ETF's customers. The new system is a fully integrated solution, allowing for advanced automation, user empowerment and excellence in customer service.

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Frequently asked questions about myETF

Contact myETF

Employer contact for myETF related issues

Employer Training

ETF is planning and scheduling myETF employer-based training. As a first step, we will require all employers to attend training related to payroll file submission. Please check back periodically to view which trainings we are offering, when they are scheduled and find links to archived training(s). The Library/Resources tab provides access to myETF user guides and instruction manuals related to these trainings.

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Library / Resources

Employer Bulletins:


Employment File

Payroll File

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myETF Schedule

ETF may update this schedule periodically. This schedule below is current as of May 15, 2016.

Summer 2016

  • ETF finalizes Payroll File, Employment File and Insurance File documents
  • Employer webinars on the new myETF Payroll File/process begin

Fall 2016

  • Employer webinars on Employment File

Spring 2017

  • Employer training on myETF confirmation process
  • Insurance File Webinars for a Limited Group of Employers
  • Employer file confirmation/testing begins

Late Summer 2017

  • Employer training on myETF Employer Online Services begins

Fall 2017

  • Employer go live set-up begins

Early 2018

  • myETF Employer Online Services goes live

Benefits of myETF

  • Elimination of annual reconciliation
    Employers will reconcile with each payroll.
  • Payroll-based reporting cycles
    Employers will report service and earnings based on
    their payroll cycle(s).
  • Move to electronic communications and correspondence
    Most employer communications will take place through myETF Employer Online Services.
  • New! ICI (Income Continuation Insurance) Database
    myETF will provide employers a place to enter employee ICI information electronically, and we’ll store all ICI information in myETF.
  • Limited paper processes for employers
    Most employer processes will take place in myETF Employer Online Services.
  • Real-time processing
    Employers will no longer wait for electronic entries to process overnight, leading to up-to-date data.
  • A single source of information
    myETF will serve as the primary place employers access data.
  • Decrease in data errors
    Immediate system validations will reduce errors in the new system.
  • Intuitive employer interface
    We are designing myETF Employer Online Services with employers in mind, making it easy to use.