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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
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Age: 35
Years of Service: 5
Marital Status: Domestic Partner
Children: No

“Iím looking forward to buying my first house. I just donít know if I can afford it and all of lifeís other expenses.”

Sherri's Photo

Sherri's Story

Five years ago Sherri joined a county environmental protection and conservation department. Her career is demanding but she loves it. Somehow Sherri always finds time to volunteer as a Big Sister and host gatherings for friends and family. She is finally ready to take the plunge and buy a house with her partner. They have dreams of fixing up an old place, to stop paying rent and getting a dog.

Sherri has some money put away for a down payment. However, she has had financial troubles lately due to unexpected medical bills and needed to dip into her “house” savings. Sherri is also concerned about how her partner’s past bankruptcy will affect their chances of getting a mortgage with an affordable interest rate.

Planning for retirement isn’t exactly on Sherri’s radar. However, she recently helped her mom, who is a widow and retired factory worker, review financials and move into a senior apartment complex. Her mom receives Social Security and survivor SSA benefits, but the monthly payments barely cover her living expenses. While her parents always worked hard and earned decent incomes, they weren’t savers. This has gotten Sherri to think about her own financial future. Will her Wisconsin Retirement System pension be enough? Can she afford a house and to start saving for retirement all at the same time?