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Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
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Age: 40
Years of Service: 14
Marital Status: Married
Children: 2

“After working all day, being a mom, a wife and a caregiver to my aging parents, there’s no time to think about planning for the future.”

Sonia's Photo

Sonia's Story

Sonia juggles a lot. Her parents, who live nearby, have health issues, her children are in grade school and rely on her for everything, and her husband’s sporadic consultant jobs mean Sonia is the family’s primary breadwinner.

Lately, things have been getting harder to juggle. Two years ago, Sonia’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and her daily care needs are steadily increasing. Her dad tries to help, but he’s no longer physically able to do it. As a result, Sonia spends most evenings and weekends caring for her mom, cooking, cleaning, and trying to keep everyone focused on the positive. She also ends up missing work to take her mom to medical appointments.

Caring for her mom, working full time and taking care of the needs of her own family leaves Sonia exhausted and stressed. Day-to-day finances are a little tight but manageable so far. She worries about future expenses, such as how they will afford college for both kids. They have already borrowed from her husband’s 401(K) a couple years ago to buy their current house, which needs a new roof soon. Sonia also may need to drop down to part time until an in-home care service is arranged for her mom.

Sonia and her husband used to talk about what their retirement may look like. That just can’t be a priority right now.