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Frequently Asked Questions

Wisconsin Public Employers (WPE) Dental FAQ
Revised September 7, 2017

The following are answers to frequently asked questions from the WPE employers about the Uniform Dental Benefit. These FAQs will be revised as information becomes available. Sign up for ETF E-mail Updates to receive immediate notification of any changes to this information.

FAQ Topics



Employer Concerns

Q. Are employers able to select whether to offer the Uniform Dental Benefit each year?

A. Yes. Employers will choose whether to offer this dental plan to their entire employee group. There is no obligation for employers to participate in this plan.

Q. How will employers choose to offer (or not offer) the Uniform Dental Benefit to their employee group?

A. Employers that wish to offer the Uniform Dental Benefit must file a resolution (ET-1152) with ETF to change program options. Program options that include dental are: P02, P04, P06, and P07.

Q. Can an employer choose to offer the Uniform Dental Benefit later if it is not chosen for January 1, 2016?

A. Yes, an employer can file a resolution annually to add dental to their offering prior to October 1. For example, to add dental coverage effective January 1, 2017, the employer must file a resolution prior to October 1, 2016.  This will follow the current resolution process in place for health insurance. New employers filing an initial resolution to participate in medical and dental insurance programs can do so on a quarterly basis, to be effective January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1.  Resolutions should be submitted 120 days prior to the effective date of coverage.  

Q. Will new employees be given the option upon initial enrollment to select a plan with or without dental coverage?

A. Yes. The new employee will be able to choose whether they would like dental coverage when they enroll in health insurance. Please note that only employees whose employer offers dental coverage will have this option. Employees may have the Uniform Dental Benefit only if they are also enrolled in health insurance.

Q. Who is the administrator of the Uniform Dental Benefit plan?

A. Delta Dental is the third party administrator for this plan.

Q. Can employers offer other, more comprehensive dental benefits in addition to this basic plan, through their own vendors?

A. Yes. Employers can offer the Uniform Dental Benefit plan in addition to any other dental plans currently offered to employees.

Q. We currently offer our employees a dental plan. Will it cause complications if we already have a dental plan through Delta Dental AND choose to offer the Uniform Dental Benefit administered by Delta Dental?

A. Delta Dental is able to process claims with multiple dental insurance coverage for the same person, including if the member has multiple Delta Dental plans.


Enrollment & Eligibility

Q. Is there a separate enrollment form for the Uniform Dental Benefit?

A. No. Employees will choose to add dental insurance on the Health Insurance Application/Change Form (ET-2301) or make the change online using MyETF Benefits.

Q. Can employees enrolled in a single health plan policy enroll in a family plan for the Uniform Dental Benefit?

A. No. If an employee has a single health plan policy, they will have a single dental plan.

Q. Will premium rates continue to be offered as either single or family for the Uniform Dental Benefit?

A. Yes, dental coverage is available in single or family only.

Q. Are all local annuitants be offered the Uniform Dental Benefit, including those enrolled in Medicare?

A. Yes, as long as the employer is offering the Uniform Dental Benefit AND the annuitant elects a health plan through the WPE Group Health Insurance Program. This includes annuitants who are enrolled in Medicare. Premium rates for the Uniform Dental Benefit will not be different for Medicare enrollees.


Dental Benefits

Q. What are the dental benefits in the Uniform Dental Benefit for 2017?

A. Benefits and limitations are listed in the Uniform Dental Benefit Certificate of Coverage. You may also visit additional information.

Q. How will employees know if a dental provider is covered?

A. Delta Dental offers the Premier and PPO networks, which include 93% of the dentists in Wisconsin. Please visit to view the provider directory.

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