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November 17, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare Survey

I received this survey in the mail. Is this a legitimate ETF survey?

Yes, it is. ETF wants your feedback on the Medicare topics in the survey. The survey is confidential. Please complete the survey and return it per the instructions in the enclosed letter.

Why was I chosen to receive this survey?

A random sample of group health insurance participants age 62 or older were sent the survey. ETF wants to capture the opinions of participants who are nearing Medicare eligibility and those already enrolled in Medicare.

Are my answers confidential?

Yes. The UW Survey Center will compile the responses and the aggregated responses will be shared with ETF and the Group Insurance Board.

What will ETF do with the responses?

ETF intends to use the responses to glean an understanding of the preferences of group health insurance participants related to Medicare-coordinated coverage. This means the benefits provided by the state in addition to what Medicare covers. ETF is looking at making some changes to the program and wants to consider the opinions of participants when making decisions and recommendations to the Group Insurance Board.

How can I find out how the results were used?

The best way to stay connected to ETF is to sign up for ETF E-mail Updates. By subscribing, you can receive emails with information about Group Insurance Board meetings and decisions.

Where do I return the completed survey?

You should have received a postage-paid return envelope along with survey materials. The UW Survey Center will compile responses and results. Please mail the completed survey to:

Sterling Hall, Room B607
475 North Charter Street
Madison, WI 53706-1507

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