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Wisconsin Department Of Employee Trust Funds

It's Your Choice 2016

State of Wisconsin
Group Health Insurance Program
(State Employees, Retirees, Continuants and Graduate Assistants)

Employee Pay-all Optional Insurance Plans

State agencies are authorized by the Group Insurance Board to offer approved optional insurance plans to their employees to supplement group health insurance. Not every agency offers every optional plan. In 2016, all state agencies associated with Central Payroll and the Legislature will offer all plans listed below. See your payroll office for applications or change forms (retirees should contact ETF).

Changes to note for 2016:

  • Aflac Accident and Injury insurance will no longer be offered to state employees as a group insurance plan.
  • The dental insurance outlined below may be purchased in addition to, or instead of, the Uniform Dental plan.
  • Transamerica is a newly approved long-term-care insurance option.

It is important to note:

  • If you expect to retire within the next year and will want to carry optional dental insurance, you must enroll during It’s Your Choice (if you are not already enrolled).
  • Employers do not contribute to the premiums for these plans.
  • You may choose a different enrollment level for these plans than for State Group Health Insurance. For instance, if you have a single plan for health insurance, you can choose "employee + spouse" for your dental care, and "family" for your vision care.
  • Throughout the year, eligible employees may enroll or make changes to their enrollment based on qualifying events such as marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or loss of other comparable coverage.
  • With few exceptions, once enrolled, you must remain in the plan for the full year. Mid-year cancellation procedures follow those for health insurance—see the Frequently Asked Question “How do I cancel coverage.”
  • You may cancel your new or existing enrollment during the It’s Your Choice Open Enrollment period, or before 12/30/2015.
  • Examine waiting periods, exclusions for preexisting conditions and limits on maximum benefits when deciding whether to enroll in an optional insurance plan
  • To view a comparison of dental plans and benefits available to you:



IYC Enrollment- Active1

IYC Enrollment- Retiree2

Year-round Enrollment

Anthem DentalBlue


EPIC Benefits+




EPIC Dental Wisconsin



Hartford AD&D


Mutual of Omaha LTC

Transamerica LTC



1Plans under this category offer open or special enrollment for active employees during this It’s Your Choice Open Enrollment period. Members who currently participate will remain enrolled for 2016 without taking any action. Newly eligible members may enroll within 30 days of their eligibility throughout the year.
2Plans in this category are offering open enrollment for eligible retirees for 2016 during IYC


toothbrush icon

Anthem DentalBlue

Anthem DentalBlue offers three dental coverage plans:

a) Dentacare HMO (which requires that you use Dentacare providers),
b) Anthem Preferred PPO (which allows you to see out-of-network providers), and
c) Anthem Supplemental, the lower cost option that does not cover diagnostic or preventive procedures and requires that you have other basic dental coverage.

New subscribers have a three-month waiting period for basic and major procedures. Check the web page for Anthem's provider network. See or call  during open enrollment: 1-866-511-4476; balance of year 1-888-589-0852.


Bandaid Icon

EPIC Benefits+

EPIC Benefits+ is a multi-part plan, designed to wrap around State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance. It includes major dental and orthodontic, hospital and surgical Indemnity, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and optional vision materials insurance. EPIC Benefits+ enrollment for 2016 is limited to new employees. EPIC Benefits+ uses Delta Dental as its dental plan administrator. See or call 1-800-520-5750.


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EPIC Dental Wisconsin

EPIC Dental Wisconsin offers two plan choices:

  • Dental Wisconsin PPO is a comprehensive two-tier dental plan using Delta Dental of Wisconsin providers. The plan includes preventive, diagnostic, basic, major and orthodontic coverage.
  • Dental Wisconsin Select is a supplemental plan that provides coverage for basic, major and orthodontic services, that wraps around state uniform dental benefits.

EPIC Dental Wisconsin uses Delta Dental as its plan administrator. New enrollees may have a waiting period for all services. For more information visit or call 1-800-520-57501.


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Hartford Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Hartford Accidental Death and Dismemberment provides payments for specific amputation injuries, such as loss of a limb, or for accidental death. You choose a coverage level based on multiples of your salary. It also includes travel insurance and insures against identity theft. See For enrollment questions, see your payroll/benefits representative; for claims questions call 1-800-523-2233.


heart icon

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha offers a long-term care insurance plan through HealthChoice. It is available to employees, their spouses or domestic partners, and the parents of employees, spouses and partners who reside in Wisconsin, and can be purchased any time of year for those who qualify. Each member’s policy will be individually underwritten—premiums are based on that person’s age, gender and health at the time of enrollment. A subscriber can choose from a range of inflation protection options. For more information visit or call 1-800-833-5823.


house icon


Transamerica offers a long-term care insurance plan through Senior Care Insurance. It is available to employees, their spouses or domestic partners, and the parents of employees, spouses and partners who reside in Wisconsin. A representative will contact interested members individually. The policies are underwritten based on individual age and health qualifications. The policy meets Partnership standards for coverage and inflation protection. See or call 608-273-3443.


eyeglasses icon

VSP Vision Care

VSP Vision Care is a national not-for-profit insurance plan, offering personalized eyecare and eyewear services from a diverse network of providers. Members and their covered dependents can receive annual eye exams and coverage allowances towards glasses or contact lenses following a copayment. For more information, see or call 1-800-400-4569. For UW System employees see


Does your employer offer any optional insurance plans?
For a table showing agency names and the insurers available, go to the 2016 Agency/Plan Table.

Note: UW System employees are not eligible to use VSP's Internet or telephone enrollment process. For VSP, EPIC Benefits+ or Dental Wisconsin, please go to UW System Annual Benefit Enrollment (ABE) website at for enrollment information. Contact your UW institution's payroll and benefits office if you have questions about the enrollment process.

Every effort has been made to ensure that this information is accurate, but may be subject to change. Please note revision dates located at the bottom of each page. In the event of conflicting information, federal law, state statute, state health contracts and/or policies and provisions established by the State of Wisconsin Group Insurance Board shall be followed.

This page was last modified on: 10/29/2015 2:57:04 PM