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How to Retire - Forms and Brochures of Interest to Those About to Retire


Some documents on this site are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Download a free version. Adobe Reader does not allow users to save completed fillable PDFs to their computer. Refer to the Adobe Web site for more information on fillable PDFs.


Informational Brochures and Forms

Applying For Your Retirement Benefit (ET-4106)

Beneficiary Designation (ET-2320)

Beneficiary Designation (alternate form) (ET-2321)

Buying Creditable Service (ET-4121)

Calculating Your Retirement Benefits (ET-4107)

Canceling Variable Participation (ET-2313)

Choosing an Annuity Option (ET-4117)

Conversion Information - Life Insurance (ET-2306)

Converting Your Group Life Insurance to Pay Health or Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums (ET-2325)

Direct Deposit Authorization (ET-7282)

Domestic Partner Benefits (ET-2166)

*Employer Verification of Health Insurance Coverage (ET-4814)

Federal Withholding Requirements & Direct Rollover Option (ET-7289)

Group Health Insurance for Retirees (ET-4112)

Group Life Insurance After You Terminate Employment (ET-4104)

How Divorce Can Affect Your WRS Benefits (ET-4925)

How Participation in the Variable Trust Affects Your WRS Benefits (ET-4930)

How Part-Time Employment Affects Your Benefits (ET-2121)

Income Tax Withholding Election (ET-4310)

Information for Retirees (ET-4116)

Life Insurance Application/Cancellation/Refusal (ET-2304)

Local Annuitant Health Program (ET-9019)

Medicare Eligibility Statement (ET-4307)

Military Service Credit (ET-4122)

Reciprocity (ET-7364)

*Reciprocity Election (ET-7366)

Rehired Annuitant Election (ET-2319)

Retirement Annuity Option Change Application (ET-4319)

*Retirement Benefit Estimates and Application (ET-4301)

Retirement Estimate Request (ET-4207)

Sick Leave Conversion Credit Brochure (ET-4132)

Sick Leave Escrow Application (ET-4305)

Special Concerns Related to Accelerated Payment Options (ET-4932)

Tax Liability on WRS Benefits (ET-4125)

Waiver of Part-Time Elected Service (ET-4303)

WRS Interest Crediting (ET-7333)

*This form is not available on ETF's Internet site. You may request these forms by e-mailing ETF.


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