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Ombudsperson Services

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Ombudsperson Services—
Extra Help When You Need It

Since 1991, the ETF Ombudsperson Services program has provided members of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) with information, resources and assistance to resolve issues related to their benefits.

An ETF ombudsperson offers impartiality and functions as a neutral party. The goal is a fair resolution for all parties within the context of program policies, contracts and the law.

How Ombudspersons Help with ETF-Administered Benefits

If you have questions, concerns or have a potential dispute regarding your benefits, start by contacting ETF’s customer service. Many questions can be answered by our knowledgeable staff. But if you require extra help, you may be referred to Ombudsperson Services.

Contacts from members involving health insurance make up the bulk of an ombudsperson’s workload, but they also educate members and address issues related to all ETF-administered programs.

Ombudspersons Provide:

  • Information —ETF ombudspersons are available to answer detailed questions about health insurance and other ETF-administered programs.

  • Resources —Ombudspersons have access to resources both inside and outside ETF to help members get the most out of their benefits and resolve issues at the most appropriate level.

  • Assistance —Members may contact Ombudsperson Services for assistance in resolving a benefits-related issue or complaint. Housed in ETF’s Office of Legal Services, ombudspersons work with staff throughout ETF to resolve issues and complaints. If unsuccessful in informally resolving the member’s concerns, the ombudsperson provides a response and advises members of additional options.

  • Policy Advisors —Drawing on their experience working with WRS members, ombudspersons also provide advice to ETF staff and managers in a continuing effort to build quality programs and improve customer service throughout the agency.


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