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Leaving WRS Employment Before Retirement Age (Separation)

Brochures and Forms Related to a WRS Separation Benefit

Wind Point Lighthouse

  1. Separation Benefits (ET-3101) - This brochure explains your separation benefit in detail and provides information about related WRS benefits. It contains information on:

    • Eligibility for and calculation of the separation benefit
    • Military service credit
    • Terminating due to a disability
    • Tax liability
    • Survivor benefits
    • Reemployment after receiving a separation benefit
    • Payments to alternate payees
    • Purchasing forfeited service

  2. *The Separation Benefit Application (ET-3301) - You must complete this form and return it to the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) to receive a separation benefit.
  3. *The Authorization for Direct Rollover (ET-7355) - In order to roll over your benefit to a qualified retirement plan or traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you must complete this form, along with a Separation Benefit Application (ET-3301), and return it to ETF. If you do not roll over your benefit, ETF must withhold 20% of your benefit and send it to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as income tax withholding.
  4. Federal Tax Withholding Requirements and Direct Rollover Option (ET-7289) - This informational sheet provides details about the tax consequences of receiving a separation benefit. Your decision to take your benefit as a direct payment or to roll it over will affect your tax liability.

*This form is not available online. You may request these forms by e-mailing ETF.


Other Brochures and Forms
Related to a Separation Benefit

Calculating Your Retirement Benefits (ET-4107)

Military Service Credit (ET-4122)

Tax Liability on WRS Benefits (ET-4125)

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