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WRS Average Monthy Annuity by Years of Service

Will you have enough money to retire? This chart, a version of which appears on Page 99 of ETF’s 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, presents food for thought: It shows the average monthly pension for current WRS retirees, by years of service.

Let’s look at three sample groups:

  • For retirees who retired with 15-20 years of service, the average annuity is $1,116 per month.
  • For those with 25-30 years of service, the average is $2,264 per month.
  • And for those who with 30-35 years of service, the average is $2,872 per month.

Based on this information, will you need to supplement your pension with other sources of income? The Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program is one way to grow your savings for retirement. Check out our video, WDC-Retirement Planning: An Action Plan.