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ETF Webinars and Other Learning Opportunities

Want to know more about your Wisconsin Retirement System benefits? Whether you are planning to retire within the year or in the distant future (or somewhere in between), the Department of Employee Trust Funds has a live, interactive webinar or a public presentation right for you. Perhaps you would rather attend a group retirement appointment -- we have those, too.

Webinars are conducted online by an ETF benefits specialist and focus on a single topic of interest. Our webinars over the next several months will cover these important topics:

  • How to use our online tool to request a retirement benefit estimate
  • How to enhance your benefit by making additional contributions
  • WRS annuity payment options
  • Choosing a retirement date
  • Five key steps to prepare for retirement
  • The Variable Trust Fund and how it affects your benefits
  • WRS employer and employee contribution rates
  • WRS effective rates and annuity adjustments

Public Presentations
ETF’s evening presentations, held in public buildings all across the state, are designed for all WRS members, especially those who are within five years of retirement. Topics covered include WRS annuity options, return-to-work rules, post-retirement annuity adjustments, the Core and Variable Trust Funds, the importance of keeping a beneficiary form up to date, purchasing service before retirement, the difference between a joint survivor and a beneficiary, and how “life event” changes affect WRS retirement benefits. All presentations run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.; no registration is required. To find a presentation near you, use our interactive map.

Group Retirement Appointments
Do you already have your official WRS benefit estimate but still want to connect with ETF to ensure you understand your choices? Consider attending one of our group retirement appointments. We design these sessions specifically for members who have their official estimate and are within a year of retirement. An ETF benefits specialist provides an explanation of the estimate, annuity options, the application process and answers questions. We just updated the spring 2016 group appointment schedule -- use our interactive map to find a session in your area.

To learn more:

  • To find out about scheduled educational events and to register, go to the Member Education web page.
  • Sign up for ETF E-mail Updates to receive immediate notification of upcoming educational events. Registration is free and fast -- sign up with an email address.
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What participants are saying about ETF webinars:
“This was the best webinar I've been to related to the WRS. Very easy to follow, excellent presenter...good pace and easy to understand. Excellent job!”

“Excellent job of presenting clear/understandable information to anyone with a 'beginner's knowledge' of retirement information. The material that was presented was easy to understand and gave a good idea as to where to start if thinking of retirement.”