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ID Cards: Important Reminders

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Most participants in the group health insurance program should have received new ID cards from their health plans and dental plans (if enrolled) for 2016. If you have not received your card(s) by the end of January, contact your plan.

It’s a good idea to:

  • Review the card for accuracy. Are all of your dependents listed accurately?
  • Remember that “latest is greatest” -- if you receive more than one set of cards, always carry the most recent with you.
  • If you are participating in Uniform Dental Benefits for 2016 and have not received your new ID card, you can print one online. Present this card when receiving dental services, and tell your provider this is new coverage if you had Delta Dental previously through your health plan. Please note that the ID card is not required to receive benefits; if you do not have your card, simply provide your name and date of birth to your dentist office instead.
  • You will not automatically get a new Navitus ID card for prescription drug coverage for 2016, unless you have the Navitus MedicareRx Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Contact Navitus or Navitus MedicareRx directly if you have questions.
  • State employees: If you have VSP vision insurance, you will not receive a card -- but you can print one online. VSP assigned new member numbers for 2016. When your provider looks up your coverage, suggest they use your name and date of birth if your coverage doesn’t show under the member number in the doctor’s records.

Preventive Care: Everyone needs an ounce of prevention
Are you and your loved ones up to date on your preventive care? Use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Checklist to learn about recommended preventive services based on age and gender. Federal law requires the cost of certain preventive services be covered at 100% with no deductibles or copayments. Contact your health plan or healthcare provider for more information on scheduling a visit specific to no-cost preventive services. More information can also be found in the It’s Your Choice FAQ for state and local participants under Benefits and Services.

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