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Important News About Delta Dental Supplemental Insurance Select Plan

State employees who have the Delta Dental Supplemental Insurance Select Plan: Make sure your dentist is a PPO provider. If your dentist is not a PPO provider (for example, a Premier provider), the new Select Plan will not cover your visits to that dentist.

To see a Premier provider, members must have the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier-Select Plus Plan. This plan allows members to visit both PPO and Premier Providers.

To check if a dentist is a PPO or Premier provider, see the Delta Dental printable Dentist Directory available online.

ETF is offering an opportunity to switch from the Select Plan to the Select Plus Plan until January 31, 2019. Contact your employer's payroll or benefits office to request this plan change.

After January 31, 2019, a plan change will only be allowed if there is a qualifying life change event. Please note the premium difference between the Select Plan and the Select Plus Plan.

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