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Update: 2019 Life Insurance Premium Rates and Cancellation Change

The Group Insurance Board recently approved life insurance premium rates for all employees who participate in the group life insurance program.

Local government employees: Effective July 1, premium rates will remain at current levels. Spouse and dependent premium rates remain unchanged as well.

State employees: Effective April 1, rates will increase 5%—the first premium increase the plan has experienced in 60 years. The rates for state employee spouse and dependent coverage will remain unchanged.

Coverage Cancellation
Beginning January 1, employees who cancel life insurance coverage will have their coverage cancelled at the end of the month in which they cancel the coverage. Previously, employees would have to wait an extra month for a life insurance cancellation to take effect.

The Department of Employee Trust Funds worked with the Legislature on a bill that made this change to the life insurance program and it was eventually signed into law as 2017 Wisconsin Act 362.

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