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Online Appointments: Convenient, Easy

If you are nearing retirement and have your retirement estimate in hand:

  • Do you have questions about your options or the retirement process itself?

  • Are you unable to wait for the next available in-person appointment with an ETF benefits specialist?

Then try an online retirement appointment! These appointments are secure, private retirement appointments with an ETF benefits specialist. You and the specialist talk by telephone and simultaneously review – online – your estimate and annuity payment options and address your questions. Online appointments are convenient and easy to schedule. To schedule an online appointment Contact ETF.

Here is what some members are saying about their experience:
"It was great because I didn't need to take a full day to drive to Madison, park, etc. I had done research in advance, but also wanted to have confirmation that I understood everything. This appointment certainly helped me meet this goal, and the advisor was easy to work with and made me feel comfortable."

"[The specialist] did an excellent job making us feel comfortable and walking us through every step of the way. Outstanding job."

"I hope you continue the use of these appointments, as it was so convenient and with the webcam made the appointment feel almost as if you were face to face... I now feel comfortable with my selection as I head into the next chapter – retirement!"

"Just awesome... to be able to sit in my home, not drive two hours – one way – makes the retirement process easier by far. [The specialist] was very personal, professional, and knowledgeable. Thank you."

"[Reviewing] the application online was great for me. Having someone to explain everything in a professional and easy process was so nice. The fact I didn't have to drive to Madison was huge. [The specialist] was able to show me all the forms and explained things in a systematic order that made it easy to understand. I would recommend this process to anyone needing a retirement appointment."