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ETF Webinars for Employees at All Career Phases

Stay informed about your Wisconsin Retirement System benefits and how they work for you! Whether you are a new hire, mid-career or nearing retirement, ETF has a live, interactive webinar applicable to your circumstances. ETF's webinars are conducted by a benefits specialist and focus on a single topic of interest. Webinars over the next several months will cover these important topics:

  • WRS employer and employee contribution rates
  • WRS effective rates and annuity adjustments
  • How to use our online retirement benefits calculator
  • How to enhance your benefit by making additional contributions
  • WRS annuity payment options
  • Choosing a retirement date
  • Five key steps to prepare for retirement
  • The Variable Trust Fund and how it affects your benefits

Webinars are free, offered during weekday lunch hours and in the evening, and registration is simple to complete. We also offer many recorded webinars that are available 24/7.