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Innovative Program Helps You Get Financially Fit

The Department of Employee Trust Funds is pleased to be working in conjunction with the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Personal Finance Employee Education Fund, the University of Oxford and the Financial Fitness Group to provide a free, comprehensive financial fitness program to all WRS members.

The 2017 ETF Financial Fitness Program is an innovative, workplace project that centers on improving financial wellness and, along the way, retirement financial security.

As a Financial Fitness Program participant, you will receive tools to help make significant improvements in your financial behavior, including getting and working with a budget, building emergency savings, increasing contributions to your retirement savings plan and learning more about benefit programs available to you.

  • The process begins with the Financial Fitness CHECKUP — a series of questions that reveals your attitudes, knowledge and beliefs about money.
  • CHECKUP results will direct you to the ACADEMY for specific coursework. You can complete this at your own pace. You will receive weekly updates on your progress and can access the educational content for the length of the program.
  • COACH: You can schedule at any time a consultation with a coach for a free 30-day period. You can discuss education on personal financial goals and State of Wisconsin employee benefits.

Get started with the Financial Fitness Program today or visit ETF's website for more information.

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