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New! Web Resources to Help You Navigate Your Statement

Web Resources

ETF has rolled out new online resources to help you review and understand your Wisconsin Retirement System annual Statement of Benefits.

The statement is a summary of your WRS pension account, including year-end balances, beneficiary designations and other important account information as of January 1, 2017.

Be sure to carefully review your statement. Do you have any questions? This is also a good time to assess your financial plan. Take a moment to explore our suggestions for supplementing your future retirement income.

In the new Statement of Benefits page on our website, you'll find easy-to-use resources:

  • An Interactive sample statement that provides explanations of content and links to other information
  • Frequently asked questions on how to update your name or address, change your beneficiary(ies), calculate a benefit, make additional contributions and more
  • Quick links to forms, online calculators and related webinars