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Q: Can I add money to my WRS account?

A: Yes, you can make voluntary, after-tax “additional contributions” to your Wisconsin Retirement System account to supplement your WRS retirement benefits. Here’s why it’s a great idea to make additional contributions:

  • Your contributions are deposited into the Core and Variable (if applicable) Trust Funds and grow with interest. The Core effective rate this year is 6.4%. See the 30-year history of returns/rates/dividends and ETF’s projections for next year.
  • You pay no fees. Your additional contributions are part of your WRS account. The State of Wisconsin Investment Board manages the assets of the WRS trust funds.
  • You pay taxes only on the interest earned.
  • Your contributions stay in your account until you retire or terminate employment.

To learn more about how additional contributions can enhance your benefits, how and when to pay, maximum contribution amounts, distribution/annuity options, and more see the following:

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