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EMPOWER: Take Charge of Your Retirement Financial Security

The EMPOWER campaign continues to inspire, motivate and educate women to take charge of their retirement financial security.

What is EMPOWER? In early 2015, ETF – through its Affirmative Action Committee – and the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program launched a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the retirement savings gap affecting women. We designed EMPOWER: Guiding Women of All Cultures Toward a Strong Financial Future to engage and inspire female public employees to save more for their retirement. Why focus on women? For a variety of reasons, a woman’s road to retirement is different.

Our ultimate goals are straightforward:

  • Increase the number of women investing in their own retirement security; and
  • Increase the amount they are saving for their retirement

“The biggest risk for women is that they will outlive their savings and they will not know that until it’s too late,” Lara Hinz, program director of the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement, told the capacity crowd at one of the campaign’s kickoff events in May. View the recorded webcast.

More than 750 public employees have participated in EMPOWER educational events since this spring.

Six months in, word about EMPOWER continues to spread. EMPOWER offers free programming to public employees through their Wisconsin Retirement System employers, live and recorded webinars, and lunch and learn workshops.

To bring EMPOWER to your employer or workplace, please email Tarna Hunter or Shelly Schueller at ETF_Empower@etf.wi.gov

Visit ETF’s EMPOWER website now and throughout the year to learn about upcoming educational events. You’ll also find helpful resources – videos, brochures, calculators, checklists, worksheets and research articles from state and national organizations – to learn more about financial literacy, budgeting, investing, and the effect of caregiving on retirement planning.

EMPOWER Yourself: Upcoming Educational Events

September 10, 2015: “What Every Woman Should Know about Social Security. Attend this presentation in-person or view the live webcast. Presenters from the Social Security Administration will discuss the basics of Social Security, including when and how to apply, Social Security benefits available to survivors and ex-spouses, and information about Medicare.

September 23, 2015: “Investments 101” for Women. Attend this presentation in-person or view the live webcast. Presented by the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program, you will learn and understand the basics of investing, including types of investments and assessing risk tolerance. If you would like to sign up for the WDC or make an appointment, please call 608-241-6604 or toll-free 1-877-457-9327.

October 19-25: National Save for Retirement Week. This is a great time to look at your retirement plan and make needed changes to ensure that you are preparing for a secure retirement. Check out the EMPOWER website for information and tools to help you obtain your retirement goals.