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Changes to Group Life Insurance

Did you know that recent changes to administrative rules broadened the definition of "dependent" for life insurance purposes? The new definition expands coverage for dependents from birth until age 26, removing the requirements that the dependent be:

  • unmarried;
  • more than 14 days old; and
  • a full-time student if over age 19 (up to age 26)

The requirement that the employee be responsible for at least 50% of dependent support and maintenance has also been removed.

What does this mean for you? If you currently have spouse and dependent coverage under the state's group life insurance program, you don't have to do anything to receive the benefit of the broader coverage. For example:

  • If you just had a baby and your child is not yet 14 days old, the baby is covered;
  • If your child is over age 19, but is no longer in school, is married (or both), your child is now covered until he or she reaches age 26.

If you recently cancelled your spouse and dependent coverage because you don't have a spouse and your dependent is over age 19 and no longer a student or has married, you can easily add them back on to your policy. Complete the Evidence of Insurability Application form (ET-2305) and submit it to Securian Financial Group. Dependents are not underwritten.

Note: If you currently do not have spouse and dependent coverage, but would like it, you must be an eligible employee under age 70 and your employer must offer this plan. You must also have the Basic Plan or file an application for Basic coverage at the same time you apply for the spouse and dependent coverage.

For additional information about the group life insurance program, contact your employer or visit http://etf.wi.gov/members/benefits_life_ins.htm