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Wanted: Community-Minded Technical College Teacher

R. Thomas Pedersen

by R. Thomas Pedersen, Board Member

The Wisconsin Retirement System has a vacancy on the Teachers Retirement Board for a technical college teacher member. The board membership involves:

  • A commitment to attend quarterly meetings in Madison (expenses reimbursed)
  • An opportunity to learn about the WRS and its members (active and retired participants)
  • Listening to presentations from the WRS and outside experts on topics affecting members and the system
  • Asking questions and offering feedback from the perspective of technical college members

It has been my privilege to occupy the technical college seat for which, because of retirement, I no longer qualify. I am an enthusiastic member and supporter of the WRS — one of the largest, soundest, and most-respected retirement systems in the country. Please consider this opportunity to become involved!

I'm happy to discuss questions at any time. You can reach me at tom.pedersen@witc.edu.

Thank you for your consideration! To get started, download an official nomination packet now.