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Well Wisconsin Wednesday Webinars

If you haven't already, check out the Well Wisconsin Wednesday webinars, a free series of lunchtime webinars offered to members covered under the state's group health insurance program and offered by the StayFit Plan. There are four more presentations on the calendar this fall. Dates, topics and brief descriptions are as follows:

September 21 — The Myth of Cholesterol
An overview of how inflammation affects cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease

October 19 — Holistic Practices for Chronic Conditions
An overview of the types of holistic and alternative medicine options that specifically address common chronic health conditions and stress management.

November 16 — Healthy Eating for Effective Weight Loss
While there are no "silver bullet" remedies for weight loss, this webinar reviews tips for understanding how your metabolism works and balancing a healthy diet and exercise routine.

December 21 — Primary Prevention/Health Back
Learn about ergonomic principles and healthy lifestyle choices as a way to avoid or reduce lower back pain issues and discomfort.